Jessica is finally on twitter

It’s real!!! Finally! Matt Lanter confirmed this account and her Official MySpace too, so start following Jessica now!

Ok, this time may be the right one. This should be the real Jessica’s twitter account, so our goddess is finally on twitter. I’m so excited! This is a great news, so I really hope this account will be verified soon! For now, just start following her here: @realjlowndes!

Thanks to the awsome Natalia for the heads up!

Update: now on her profile page, we have this:

This is finally the real Jessica Lowndes – Twitter will verify my identity by the end of the week.

So, we have to wait to have it verified and I’ll update you with every news as soon as it’s avaible.

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  1. Thanks for telling me that Jessica’s Twitter account.

    Check of her MySpace page. Five new songs have been added.

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