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Happy Birthday!

We would like to wish Jessica a Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Jessica!

Wishing a very happy 25th birthday to Jessica!

Happy Birthday 23rd Jessica!!!

Hi Jessica! Your fans at Jessica Lowndes Network want to wish you an Happy 23rd Birthday!

We hope you’ll have a wonderful day and we wish you all the best life can offer to a gorgeous and so talented actress and singer like you!


Read Birthday wishes below, from your fans, with so much love! :)

Wish Jessica Happy Birthday!


Jessica’s Birthday is coming soon on November 8th and I planned to do something different this year, but unluckily I wasn’t able to proceed with my project, so I’d like to do this instead.

All you need to do is to post a comment on this post, that will be hidden from the main page until November 8th at 12am (EST).

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Happy Birthday Jessica!

Happy birthaday to a gorgeous gril! Check out our little gift for you! :)

Some Information and News

Hey guys, first off I wanted to say THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and your participation with our Birthday Project. I really appreciate how you guys have welcomed this idea and I really hope that Jessica will enjoy it!

I’ve got many virtual gifts/wishes from you, but as a huge Jessica fan and supporter as I am, I’d love to have more and more and…more! As I stated before in the Birthday Project guidelines, the deadline arrived (on October 31st) but I want to ask you to keep sending your wishes, so we’ll have more to show to Jessica and more of our wishes could make her birthday more special, so please keep sending yours until November 6th, so I’ll have 2 days to sort all messages I’ll get in this lapse of time and to finish to set up the birthday page!

I’d like to remind you that sending your message is totally free, you don’t have to pay/donate anything and you don’t need to be a designer or something or have graphic skills. A simple text message with your wishes is enough, so you can send just a bunch of words telling her “Happy Birthday”. It’s all you need to do to have your wishes included to this project, so don’t be shy and show her how much you admire and love her! She deserves to have all the best, so since we can do this little thing to make her birthday a bit more special, make sure to be part of it! Send your message now (info@[REMOVETHIS]!

Talking about other site news, I’ve just added some cool plugins to make the site more complete…and user friendly! If you look at the sidebar, you’ll find a little box with a poll that I’ll update on regular basis and that allows you to send your opinion on the site, on Jessica’s projects and similar.

The other news is about sharing and social networks, and is here that I need your opinion! At the bottom of each post, now you can find some little buttons you can use to share posts of this site on your favorite social networks, like twitter, facebook and similar or via e-mail. What I’m asking is which are your favorite social networks and/or which social networks you’d use if you can share contents from sites you visit. For now, I added some of the well known social network sites and I’d love to hear which other sites you’d like to have available for sharing, so comment to this post and tell me! ;)

That’s all, so thank you for your attention and please keep sending your messages for the Birthday Project!

Thank you!

Birthday Project for Jessica

As the title says, I’ve thought about a birthday project for our Jessica this year. Her birthday will be on the next November 8th. I know maybe it’s too early to start it, but I’d love have all ready in time!

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