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Jessica talks 90210, love and fashion

Jessica talks with She Knows about 90210 Season 4, her single status, and what styles she’s looking forward to this fall.

“I’m loving the maxi skirt,” said Jessica. “I love it because it can go from spring to fall, and you just layer it with sweaters. I’m also loving the block colors with neon.”

But not all fashion-forward looks make Jessica’s list.

“I’m not big on high-waisted pants,” says Jess.

On set though, the only thing Jessica will have to worry about around her waist is an apron.

She tells us that because her character, Adrianna Tate-Duncan, didn’t graduate high school with the rest of the cast, she’ll be working for tips this season.

“She’s a barmaid,” Jessica told SheKnows. “Liam lets Adrianna work as a waitress at his bar considering she didn’t go to college. It’s going good and she keeps doing all these kind acts, and slowly winning back everyone’s trust. She took a really dark turn last year. She’s definitely going to try to redeem herself.”

But just because she lost her popstar status, doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Jessica/Adrianna hit the stage this year.

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Jessica teases a new Adrianna

Jessica teases 90210’s Adrianna with The Hollywood Reporter.

While Lowndes teases that the process is a slow one, the actress revealed that she will have some early support from a few unlikely sources.

“Dixon (Tristan Wilds) is the first character that takes her under his wing and he really feels sorry for her,” she says. “He’s her only friend even though he doesn’t really trust her. She starts doing these acts of kindness that slowly wins back people’s trust and you see her heart.”

Lowndes says Dixon will go above and beyond to help Ade get back on her feet after the stunts she pulled to rocket to fame in the music industry come full circle, connecting her with a job waitressing at Liam’s bar, providing her a direct link to everyone she’s so desperately trying to win back. “Right now she’s anti-music and she thinks it’s the devil,” Lowndes says.

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Jessica on Fabulous Magazine (August 6th, 2011)

Jessica is featured on Fabulous Magazine (August 6th, 2011).

My earliest childhood memory
“From the age of five I had piano lessons. I’m pretty sure the first thing I learnt to play was Yankee Doodle, or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. One of the two.”

My comfort foods
“I love cakes with icing and spend a lot of time at The Hummingbird Bakery – there’s one in London. The Red Velvet cupcakes are to die for.”

My favourite holiday destinations
“Anguilla, in the Caribbean, is beautiful. And I love Paris. I’m a hopeless romantic and there’s such a feeling of romance there. I love the history, the buildings, the culture, the language – all of it!”

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InStyle meets Jessica to find out her top beauty secrets

Jessica reveals her top beauty secrets to InStyle in this interview. Read it below! Also, make sure to check out the gallery for some more gorgeous pics from Isklar UK’s “Do Different” beauty event. You can view them along with a preview and link to gallery album after this article.

You all have quite distinctive styles on 90210 – is this done on purpose and do you get any say over what your character Adrianna wears?

I think it’s kind of appropriate that each of the characters on the show has their own sense of style. After all, they each have strong personalities so it makes sense that they would dress a certain way that compliments who they are.

I don’t have much say in what my character wears but it’s very close to my own personal style.

Adrianna and I both like vintage and femine chic style clothing. Luckily LA is full of really great vintage boutiques so whenever I have some free time I’m always shopping around, looking for something else to add to my wardrobe

What’s next for Adrianna on the show?

I hope she redeems herself and gets forgiveness, but you never know with Adrianna as drama follows her wherever she goes…so watch and see!

Do you prefer working in TV or Film – what would you like to do more of?

They’re both so different and I love working on both. TV is faster paced, but then film scenes can be more intense.

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Jessica confesses “I have a lingerie addiction”

Read this great article from Daily Mail about Jessica, her “lingerie addiction” and FHM Magazine.

She claims to have a ‘lingerie addiction’ – and it appears that actress Jessica Lowndes believes in a problem shared if her latest photo shoot is anything to go by.

For the 22-year-old, best known for playing Adrianna Tate-Duncan on TV series 90210, has posed in her scanties in a sexy spread for the July issue of FHM Magazine.

She confessed: ‘I have a lingerie addiction, so walking in to see all this underwear laid out is like walking into lingerie heaven, it’s great.’

She added: ‘I have three drawers full of lingerie at home and I have already been lingerie shopping in London even though I should be going out and buying more practical clothes.

‘I just can’t help myself, it makes me feel pretty and sexy.’

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Jessica says Adrianna is “Definitely going to redeem herself”

Jessica talks her 90210 character Adrianna in this interview, watch it below.

“She’s definitely going to redeem herself. I think this is a phase she’s going through,” Jessica said of her onscreen alter-ego while walking the red carpet at Elton John’s post-Oscars party. “She’s still the same kind person down deep. She just got caught up in it, you know. She just got caught up in the fame. It does happen, I guess.”

Source: Hollywood Crush

Interview: Jessica on 90210 and More caught up with Jessica at Jamie Kennedy’s “Uncomfortable” comedy special premiere to find out more about season spoilers! Jessica also dishes on dating Joe Jonas, her music career, and fashion tips!

Video: Uncomfortable Red Carpet Premiere

Here’s another video interview from the Uncomfortable Red Carpet Premiere at Drais.

New Interview: “I’m Obsessed With Music”

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Jessica Talks Altitude

Jessica talks “Altitude” in this article from Hollywood Outbreak. Read an excerpt below or the full version at Hollywood Outbreak!

Altitude is a supernatural thriller that stars Jessica Lowndes as a young woman who has just gotten her pilots license. Bummer for her that on a flight to take her friends out for fun, she runs into a dark cloud – actually a sinister dark cloud – with a gigantic beast floating in it out to annihilate the group.

The actress says she was so serious about the role that she actually took flying lessons to make it appear as realistic as possible. But, the real challenge came from actually shooting the movie in closed quarters in a set designed within the interior of a small airplane.

“For the whole movie we’re sitting in a six-person plane and I think Kaare Andews, the director, did such a great job of keeping it interesting,” she says. “Each angle is different and you kind of forget that you’re still in a plane. He had such a great creative vision, I think that’s what really made the movie.”

Read the full article at Hollywood Outbreak

Video: US Weekly’s Most Stylish Awards

Jessica Discusses the Return of “Drama Adrianna”

There is a new interview from Jessica discusses the return of “Drama Adrianna” on 90210. Read some excerpts below or the full interview at! My goal is to be at least as good at interviewing you as the contestants on America’s Next Top Model were.
Jessica Lowndes: [laughs] Okay, do you want to ask me if I’ve had a child by the age of 20, please?

I think we can skip that one. So last season, your character was all about being No Drama Adrianna. And now it seems like she’s getting into some trouble again. Is this a return to Drama Adrianna?
Well, I think No Drama Adrianna lasted only half an episode last year. [laughs] And I didn’t even really believe her while she was saying it in the pool, ‘cause there was a lot of drama to follow last season. But no, I think she’s somebody—from Season 1, you saw the capability of stealing. She was stealing from Naomi right off the bat. And she’s somebody that has always had this dream and this desire to be famous. It’s been instilled in her since she was a child from her mom. Whatever that means for her, whether it be acceptance or love or attention or whatever, she’s definitely driven by that from a very young age. Season 1, she was this washed-up child star trying to get back on top, and was so close, so many times to getting huge acting roles and singing roles. It’s the reason even for her drug addiction—she was just under so much pressure that she was trying to numb it.

This season, it’s like, she’s given up everything and finally, it’s about to happen. And she’s about to have her dreams come true. And then she sees it slipping through her fingers, and in a moment of desperation, she makes obviously a very, very bad decision. Very, very bad consequences are to follow. I think she knew what she did was wrong, but she didn’t expect it to be that big. She thought, “Oh, I’ll perform this song once and it’ll save me my record deal, and then I’ll never sing it again.” Well, then it goes to blowing up on YouTube to her boyfriend Navid saying it was the best song he’s ever heard her sing, and Laurel saying she’s blown away and [Adrianna]’s going to be recording this single. Now, the other element to this story is obviously Victor, Javier’s uncle and manager, who knows the truth. And that’s definitely something that will hang over her head as well. He doesn’t have very good intentions, and he’s not a very nice person. He’s definitely going to be conniving and controlling. I think her line of vision’s gonna be blurred, because she has this fame, and her career’s just kind of getting going. It’s going to ruin her perception of reality a bit.

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