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Actress Has Best of Both Words on 90210

Jessica Lowndes, who plays Adrianna on ‘90210,’ proves she’s a double threat with her latest storyline where her character gets a record deal. In real life, Lowndes is also working on an album.

90210: new spoiler + Jessica’s Musical 90210

Below a little spoiler about 90210 from KorbiTV at Zap2It.

Any scoop on No Drama Adrianna? -Jeff M.
Ade’s going to start dating a musician pretty soon. His name is Javier and things between them will heat up quickly — and then burn out. I believe a reunion with Navid is in the cards before the season ends.

And another article about Jessica’s music on the show by TV Guide Magazine.

90210 star Jessica Lowndes is more than just a pretty face—and she gets to prove it this week, showing off her musical ability when her character, Adrianna, takes a stab at songwriting for Ivy’s mother. Sing it!

Big episode, huh?
I’ve been singing my whole life, so to sing on TV is a dream come true.

And you duet with Latin pop star Diego Boneta. How was that?
I think it came out well. My style is more pop-rock, which you’ll see in the following episodes. Two of my songs will be on the show later in May.

Ade also works with her ex Navid (Michael Steger) on a song…how does that bode for her current love interest, Gia (Rumer Willis)?
No one can compete with the history that Adrianna and Navid share. Gia cheated on Adrianna. So Ade now has a deeper understanding of what Navid went through when she cheated on him.

Bisexuality…addiction…rock and roll. So much
for “no drama Adrianna.”
The “no drama” thing lasted half an episode. Adrianna has an addictive personality and is essentially addicted to the highs and lows. When things are sailing smoothly, she gets bored!

Sources: KorbiTV and TV Guide Magazine

Jessica delivers her music to the show

Thers is a new Jessica’s video interview from On The Red Carpet, just click here to watch the video! Thanks to Natalia for the heads up!

“There’s definitely a lot of big things to come,” she said. “You see, Adrianna has just been offered a record deal. So there’s going to a lot more music which is so much fun for me, cause I am actually a singer, and I am recording an album right now. So in a couple weeks, two of my songs are actually going to be on the show.”

She went on to say there may be a new love interest for her character since being cheated on by Gia, played by Rumer Willis.

“You just saw Rumer’s character Gia cheat on my character. So they’ll definitely me more love stories,” she said.

Watch the video at On The Red Carpet!

Jessica Lowndes on twitter?!

According with, Jessica could have a twitter account.

Do you have a Twitter account or any way fans can reach you online?
I just signed up literally two days ago. So there will be one really, really soon. I do have a music Myspace that is being updated as well with new music. (Source)

This (hopefully hers) twitter account isn’t verified yet and I’m not really sure if it is the right one, but I really hope it will be verified soon, so we can follow this amazing girl on the web too! I’m really so excited and I’ll report you any news about this as soon as possible! For now, follow our beloved Jessica @misslowndes! Just keep to look around to see if it will be verified! ;)

@misslowndes is a FAKE, the real Jessica on twitter is!

Also, there is a preview of one her new song “Tattoo”, that is going to appear on 90210. You can listen it here.

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