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Is Adrianna the new bad girl of 90210?

TV Guide has an interesting article about Jessica and her 90210 characted Adrianna: is Ade the new bad girl of 90210? Read it below!

Used to be that 90210’s Adrianna Tate-Duncan was the Beverly Hills resident we most adored. Damaged, drug addled, dramatic Ade. Oh, she was a mess in all the best ways and over the past three seasons, the brunette beauty has suffered it all, having gone from addicted aspiring actress to recovering hasbien (lesbian for a hot minute) to a pop star traumatized by her mentor’s sudden car-accident death.

It’s no wonder her portrayer, Jessica Lowndes, was signed to a series regular gig following her first-season guest stint. Aside from maybe One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton, nobody does teen pain like Lowndes.

Read the full article at TV Guide

90210 Episode 3×22 Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for 90210 Season Finale episode 3×22 – To The Future!.

MONDAY, May 16

“90210” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“To The Future!” (TV-14, L) (HDTV)

THE GROUP GRADUATES FROM HIGH SCHOOL – As graduation looms, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) makes a decision that could prevent her from graduating with her class.  Liam (Matt Lanter) tells Annie (Shenae Grimes) that he doesn’t want to go to college and Ryan (Ryan Eggold) asks Debbie (Lori Loughlin) to move to Paris with him.   Meanwhile, an impromptu wedding takes place and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) is shunned from the group when they find out her scheme to get revenge on Silver (Jessica Stroup).  Gillian Zinser, Tristan Wilds, Trevor Donovan and Michael Steger also star.  Rebecca Sinclair directed the episode written by Rebecca Sinclair and Paul Sciarotta (#322).

Source: CW

The CW Announces Early Pickups for 5 Series for Next Season


For the First Time Ever, “America’s Next Top Model” to Feature All-Stars from Past Cycles for the Fall Edition

“The Vampire Diaries,” “Gossip Girl,” “90210” and “Supernatural” Also to Return Next Season

April 26, 2011 (Burbank, California) ─ The CW Network has given early pickups to five of its established series for next season, including an All-Star Cycle of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL and the network’s top-rated drama THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. All five shows will return in Fall 2011.

With AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL ordered for both cycles next season, The CW’s signature reality series will kick-off the Fall with its first-ever All-Star Edition, featuring the models who became breakout characters and who had the most memorable stories from past cycles. Additional details about the cast, judges and prizes for the All-Star cycle of TOP MODEL will be announced at a later time.

The CW’s bloodily addictive hit THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was also given an early renewal, and in its sophomore season, remains the network’s most-watched show (4.0 million viewers) and the network’s number-one show among its target audience of women 18-34 (2.9/9).

Also given early pickups for next season are The CW’s scandalous guilty pleasures GOSSIP GIRL, the network’s second most popular series with women 18-34 (2.8/7), and 90210, which posts some of TV’s largest percent increases from DVR playback, more than doubling its women 18-34 live ratings once live+7 data is included.

The network also renewed fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, which enters its seventh season next year. In moving to Fridays last September, SUPERNATURAL immediately helped make The CW more competitive on the night and dramatically contributed to year-to-year gains on Friday of 66% in adults 18-34 and 60% in viewers.

Source: CW

Jessica is the special featured guest star performer on Jeremy Amelin’s brand new single “Undone”


Single World Premiere April 29th / Single In Stores Worldwide May 23rd

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 20, 2011) – French American Idol finalist Jeremy Amelin, who has continually delivered captivating music with his previous single releases, today confirms 90210 star Jessica Lowndes is the special featured guest star performer on his brand new single “Undone”, to be released worldwide on May 23rd. Single will premiere April 29th exclusively on YouTube at

“Undone is my upcoming new single and I’m thrilled to have the incredibly talented Jessica Lowndes featured on this new record. I wanted a real performer, someone who would know how to perform such a powerful and emotional song,” said Jeremy Amelin. “Can’t wait for the world to discover Undone.”

With already over 20 million views on YouTube in 2010, 24-year-old French electro-pop sensation Jeremy Amelin is ranked among France’s Top 5 most-watched recording artists on YouTube. Amelin performed live on 16 primetime shows broadcasted on #1 French TV channel TF1, watched by over 10 million viewers weekly and has already released 5 singles including his debut single “A Contre Sens” which debuted at #13 on the French Billboard charts. Amelin also made a nationwide tour of 115 concerts in France’s biggest arenas such as the Olympia, the Congress Palace, Zeniths, the Dix-Heures Theater and performed twice live on stage at the world-famous Queen Club on the Champs-Elysees (Paris, France) in March 2008 and June 2009. Amelin also created his own clothing line “Elektrode by Jeremy Amelin”, photographed by top French photographer Fred Goudon – author of the sexiest French rugbymen calendar “Dieux du Stade” – while behind the scenes were filmed and broadcasted on Fashion TV.

“Undone” is the new single release from Amelin’s forthcoming debut album, Blaster, in stores worldwide October 24th, 2011.


90210 Episode 3×21 Synopsis

If you don’t mind spoilers, read below the synopsis for 90210 episode 3×21 – The Prom Before The Storm!

“90210” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“The Prom Before The Storm” (TV-14, DL) (HDTV)

WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME? – As the gang gears up for prom, Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and Annie (Shenae Grimes) find out some devastating news about their futures, while Ivy (Gillian Zinser) learns that Raj’s health (guest star Manish Dayal) has taken a turn for the worse.  While Silver (Jessica Stroup) is in the hospital, Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) tries to rekindle her romance with Navid (Michael Steger).   Meanwhile, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Max’s (guest star Josh Zuckerman) relationship is tested to the limit.  Matt Lanter, Trevor Donovan, Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold also star.  Mike Listo directed the episode written by David Rosenthal and Terrence Coli (#321).

Source: CW

Jessica Lowndes promises “90210” catfight

Spoiler Alert!!! Do not read below if you don’t want spoilers!

Jessica Lowndes and Michael Steger have revealed that there will be a “catfight” in an upcoming episode of 90210.

Lowndes’s character Adrianna is currently embroiled in a feud with Silver (Jessica Stroup), who is dating her ex-boyfriend Navid.

Steger, who plays Navid, has now told TV Line that the situation will escalate when the group flies to Mexico.

“We all get in the plane to head to Cabo, and Ade just shows up,” he said. “There’s a bit of a catfight in the private jet, and it’s probably the cattiest episode between the two.”

Lowndes added: “There’s actually a lot of catfighting. Ade decides to fill a bottle with contaminated tap water and makes Silver sick, after which she replaces my sunblock with moisturiser and gives me the worst sunburn of all time. Plus, we get to wrestle in the pool!”

Stroup has previously suggested that Adrianna will tamper with Silver’s medication in a future episode, which will mean that she begins to struggle with bipolar disorder again.

Source: Digital Spy

90210 Spoilers

WWK has some 90210 spoilers: read below if you don’t mind them!

Leo: I cannot wait for the girl fight coming up on 90210! Can you tell me anything about it?
Only that the stuff leading up to is hilarious (prank war!), and that the stuff following the fight is downright heartbreaking. Not heartbreaking for Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Navid (Michael Steger), but for Silver and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes).

Source: WWK

90210 Episode 3×19 Synopsis

Synopsis for 90210 episode 3×19 – Nerdy Little Secrets has been released! Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers!

MONDAY, April 25
“90210” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Nerdy Little Secrets” (TV-14, L) (HDTV)

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND – Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord), sick of hiding her relationship with Max (guest star Josh Zuckerman) and afraid he might be cheating on her, follows him to an academic decathlon event, to confront him. Silver (Jessica Stroup) begins to behave erratically, which worries Navid (Michael Steger) and secretly pleases Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes). Raj (guest star Manish Dayal) helps Ivy (Gillian Zinser) overcome her fear of the water, while Annie (Shenae Grimes) starts working for lonely, aging actress Marla (guest star Sally Kellerman), and forms an unlikely friendship with her. Tristan Wilds, Matt Lanter, Trevor Donovan, Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold also star. Harry Sinclair directed the episode written by David Rosenberg (#319).

Source: CW

90210: Episode 3×18 Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for 90210 episode 3×18 – The Enchanted Donkey. Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers.

MONDAY, April 18
“90210” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“The Enchanted Donkey” (TV-14, LS) (HDTV)

WHAT HAPPENS IN CABO STAYS IN CABO — When the group decide to take a vacation to Mexico for a much needed break, chaos ensues. Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) brings her crush Max (guest star Josh Zuckerman, “Desperate Housewives”) along, under the guise that she needs extra tutoring. Teddy (Trevor Donovan) encounters a former crush with surprising results, while Annie (Shenae Grimes) drags Liam (Matt Lanter) around the city, determined to embrace the culture. Meanwhile, Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Adrianna’s (Jessica Lowndes) bitter feud over Navid (Michael Steger) comes to a shocking confrontation. Lori Loughlin, Tristan Wilds, Gillian Zinser and Ryan Eggold also star. David Paymer directed the episode written by Rebecca Sinclair & Paul Sciarrotta (#318).

Source: CW

90210 Mobile Game is Now Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

90210 Mobile Game is Now Available for iPhone and iPod Touch for download in the Apple App store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World.

For more information, please visit,, or follow this Twitter @HandsOnMobile.


The Hottest Zip Code on TV Is Now Available for iPhone and iPod Touch Users

Fans can register as students at West Beverly High to connect with their favorite characters on the hit series, 90210, via the mobile game from Hands-On Mobile, a premier developer and publisher of mobile games.

As the new kid at West Beverly High, fans will navigate a series of games to determine if they are in the popular group with Naomi Clark, the model student, or the rebel on campus like the free-spirited Aaron Silver.

To succeed as a student at West Beverly High, players need to balance their social life and school life in order to gain status. Players generate buzz through mini-games to built character, matching games to challenge their thinking skills, serving customers at the Peach Pit to maintain a job and boosting their fashion sense by dressing their character to match their reputation in the 90210.

A huge thanks to Colleen Kuhn of MPRM Communications for the information!

90210: Episode 3×17 Synopsis

Read, or don’t read if you don’t want spoilers, synopsis for 90210 episode 3×17 – Blue Naomi below.

MONDAY, February 28
“90210” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Blue Naomi” (TV-14, L) (HDTV)

SNOOP DOGG GUEST STARS AS HIMSELF — Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and Navid (Michael Steger) formalize their partnership, and a chance meeting with Snoop Dogg could mean good news for Shirazi Studios. Naomi tries to impress Max (guest star Josh Zuckerman, “Desperate Housewives”) by dressing up in an Avatar costume, but doesn’t quite get the reaction she was hoping for. After learning the truth about Navid, Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) vows to get revenge. Meanwhile, Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Liam (Matt Lanter) work together to expose Emily (guest star Abbie Cobb, “Jonas”), and Ray (guest star Manish Dayal) confides in Ivy (Gillian Zinser). Lori Loughlin, Jessica Stroup, Ryan Eggold and Trevor Donovan also star. Elizabeth Allen directed the episode written by David S. Rosenthal (#317).

Source: CW

90210: Episode 3×16 Synopsis

Below there is the synopsis for 90210 episode 3×16 – It’s High Time. As usual, if you mind spoilers, don’t keep reading!

MONDAY, February 21
“90210” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“It’s High Time” (TV-14, L) (HDTV)

TEDDY THINKS HIS FRIENDS ARE ACTING DIFFERENTLY AROUND HIM — Back to her old tricks, Emily (guest star Abbie Cobb, “Jonas”) messes with Annie’s (Shenae Grimes) internship at the playhouse — and with Annie’s boyfriend. Silver (Jessica Stroup) convinces Navid (Michael Steger) to sign the release for Adrianna’s (Jessica Lowndes) reality show to help distract her and throw her off the track. Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) bottles up her feeling for Max (guest star Josh Zuckerman, “Desperate Housewives”). After watching footage from her birthday party, Adrianna makes a stunning realization. Ivy (Gillian Zinser) meets a new guy, Raj (guest star Manish Dayal) and they strike up a friendship. Meanwhile, Dixon (Tristan Wilds), Navid, and Liam (Matt Lanter) take Teddy out on the town. Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold also star. Krishna Rao directed the episode written by Padma Alturi (##316).

Source: CW

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