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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you all will have a great weekend!

A big wish and a huge thanks for this Christmas go to our gorgeous Jessica, that has made me, and surely all her fans around the world, the best Christmas present ever just existing! We love you so much Jessica, so have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish to all those that celebrate it, but also to all who will come to this site and will read this post, Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great day!

Some Information and News

Hey guys, first off I wanted to say THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and your participation with our Birthday Project. I really appreciate how you guys have welcomed this idea and I really hope that Jessica will enjoy it!

I’ve got many virtual gifts/wishes from you, but as a huge Jessica fan and supporter as I am, I’d love to have more and more and…more! As I stated before in the Birthday Project guidelines, the deadline arrived (on October 31st) but I want to ask you to keep sending your wishes, so we’ll have more to show to Jessica and more of our wishes could make her birthday more special, so please keep sending yours until November 6th, so I’ll have 2 days to sort all messages I’ll get in this lapse of time and to finish to set up the birthday page!

I’d like to remind you that sending your message is totally free, you don’t have to pay/donate anything and you don’t need to be a designer or something or have graphic skills. A simple text message with your wishes is enough, so you can send just a bunch of words telling her “Happy Birthday”. It’s all you need to do to have your wishes included to this project, so don’t be shy and show her how much you admire and love her! She deserves to have all the best, so since we can do this little thing to make her birthday a bit more special, make sure to be part of it! Send your message now (info@[REMOVETHIS]!

Talking about other site news, I’ve just added some cool plugins to make the site more complete…and user friendly! If you look at the sidebar, you’ll find a little box with a poll that I’ll update on regular basis and that allows you to send your opinion on the site, on Jessica’s projects and similar.

The other news is about sharing and social networks, and is here that I need your opinion! At the bottom of each post, now you can find some little buttons you can use to share posts of this site on your favorite social networks, like twitter, facebook and similar or via e-mail. What I’m asking is which are your favorite social networks and/or which social networks you’d use if you can share contents from sites you visit. For now, I added some of the well known social network sites and I’d love to hear which other sites you’d like to have available for sharing, so comment to this post and tell me! ;)

That’s all, so thank you for your attention and please keep sending your messages for the Birthday Project!

Thank you!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween you all, Jessica Lowndes’ fans! Have fun!

New Main Site Layout Up: Version #07

I loved the previous one, but it’s time to switch layout with something new, so here it is! I really hope you like it!

New Layout up!

I know the last one was still new, but I couldn’t resist using this pic from “Falling In Love” video, so here it is: a new layout (version #06) is up! I really hope you all will like it!

New layouts: main site and gallery

As you can see I have a new layout up for both gallery and main site. I really hope you like them!

New layout online!

In these last weeks Jessica is focused on her music career. She performed at the “Summer Soiree” event the last June 5th and she’s twitting about singing and she added lots of songs to her myspace, so I’ve decided to make a new layout for the site to support her this way too. I’ve chosen some pics from the Summer Soiree, while she’s singing to put the spotlight on her music career too, because she’s so talented and she really deserves all possible support!

So, I hope you like this new version and if you see something wrong with it, just press F5 a couple of times and all should get fixed! Enjoy!

Thank you Jessica!

Jessica posted this wonderful message on her twitter today and I’d love to spend two words about this.

The greatest thing is being able to interact with fans and touch people’s lives. I am truly thankful. I appreciate all of your support! xox

She’s my favorite actress, and I admire her as person since the first time I’ve seen her on screen. Now, she’s proving she’s an amazing person, as I’ve always thought.

Thank you very much Jessica, from me and from all your fans in the world. We love you, you’re so talended as actress as well as singer, you have an amazing voice and you’re simply gorgeous writing thing like this to your fans. We all think you’re a great person in your career and in life in general. So thank you very much Jessica, for everything!

We’re truly thankful, Jessica! :)

Site information: scheduled revamp

This is a sticky post. Scroll down to read the updates.

I’m writing this post to inform all my visitors that I’m starting a big revamp on the site.

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New gallery layout!

I’ve finally found some free time to make my own theme for the gallery and I really hope you like it!

New layout: version #03 online!

As you can see, Jessica Lowndes Network has a brand new layout and I really hope you like it! I’ve used an old photoshoot, but I’ve always loved Jessica in this particular one: just say “welcome” to the version #03 of JLN! :)

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