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The CW delays returns of Ringer and 90210

Changes for 90210 return after mid-season hiatus: the show will return on January 17th, 2012 instead of January 10th.

Ringer fans will have to wait a little longer before fresh episodes resume in the new year.

Why? The CW is double-pumping its new reality series, Remodeled (premiering Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 9/8c), by slotting multiple original and repeat installments during its first two weeks on the air.

As a result, Ringer will now resume with new episodes three weeks behind schedule on Jan. 31. Additionally, 90210‘s return has been pushed back a week to Jan. 17.

Source: TV LINE

90210 episode 4×12 HD screencaps

I just added to the gallery HD screencaps of 90210 episode 4×12 – O Holly Night, be sure to check them out!

90210 > Season 4 > Season 4: Screencaptures > 4×12 – O Holly Night

Is Adrianna finally reunited with her baby?

Read this interesting article from about Jessica’s 90210 character Adrianna.

Jessica Lowndes teases Adrianna’s baby’s big return: ‘My eyes are still puffy from all the crying!’

It looks like Silver and Adrianna’s cold war is coming to an end on 90210, as Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Stroup were spotted palling around Nov. 29 while filming a scene in Redondo Beach, Calif. And while I was excited to see the girls finally getting along, I was more interested in the third wheel of their little playdate — Adrianna’s baby!

To be fair, I’m just assuming it’s the little girl Adrianna gave up back in season one, but I think that’s a pretty fair guess — especially considering what Jessica told at the wrap party for her “Nothing Like This” music video Nov. 20 at NYC’s Beauty & Essex.

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90210 episode 4×11 HD screencaps

HD screencaps from 90210 episode 4×11 – Project Runaway have been added to the gallery. Make sure to check them out!

90210 > Season 4 > Season 4: Screencaptures > 4×11 – Project Runaway

90210 episode 4×10 screencaps

90210 episode 4×10 – Smoked Turkey have been added to the gallery as well, so check them out!

90210 > Season 4 > Season 4: Screencaptures > 4×10 – Smoked Turkey

90210 episode 4×09 screencaps

Thanks to Jessica, 90210 episode 4×09 – A Thousand Words have been added to the gallery. Will add episode 4×10 caps as well as soon as possible!

90210 > Season 4 > Season 4: Screencaptures > 4×09 – A Thousand Words

Jessica reveals Adrianna’s ‘tricky’ future with Dixon

In this article from Hollywood Life, Jessica reveals Adrianna’s ‘tricky’ future with Dixon.

Of course, we all know bad things tend to happen when Adrianna mixes business with pleasure:

“When they do start working on music together, it gets tricky,” Jessica admitted. “It isn’t easy when you’re working with and dating the same person.”

But Jessica, who was decked out in Simon G jewelry and a QVC M by Marc Bouwer bolero, still has high hopes for Adrianna and Dixon’s relationship.

“They have a lot of stuff in common,” she explained. “Adrianna knows a lot about addiction and can really be there to help him through it. They really bonded, especially over the Navid and Silver thing; it’s never fun to be cheated on, especially when it’s with your best friend. [Adrianna] went really crazy.”

So does this mean the pill-swapping, song-stealing, back-stabbing Adrianna we loved to hate is gone for good? Maybe not! It’s rumored that someone from her past — reportedly the baby she gave up in season one — will come back into her life, and Jessica told us “there’s going to be a lot of drama.”

“You will fall back in love with her as you see the pain she’s going through,” she said. “My eyes are still puffy from all the crying. Adrianna cries in every episode!”

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90210 episode 4×08 HD screencaps

90210 episode 4×08 – Vegas, Maybe? HD screencaps have been added to the gallery. Check them out!

90210 > Season 4 > Season 4: Screencaptures > 4×08 – Vegas, Maybe?

90210 episode 4×07 screencaps

First off, sorry for the delay! I haven’t been able to a cap 90210 myself last week, so thanks to Jessica, I added caps from 90210 episode 4×07 – It’s the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark!

90210 > Season 4 > Season 4: Screencaptures > 4×07 – It’s the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark

Jessica Lowndes: I Have To Win Back The Fans

New interview from The Insider. Read below… Adrianna has had wild highs and crazy lows — what was your favorite moment for her?
Jessica Lowndes: I’ve loved it all – I loved the element of surprise. I never knew, signing on, what I was in for with this show [laughs] and it’s been more than I ever could have asked for. The role has been challenging and great and I think you see a very human side to her. In the beginning, her drug problems were challenging — especially because I was a guest star and wanted to impress the writers [laughs]. Then the pregnancy and questioning her sexuality, those were interesting too. I felt a strong sense of responsibility in telling those stories.

Insider: If I were to ask about low points, would you cite last season?
Jessica: I didn’t think many of her decisions were very ethical. I think it stemmed from her life, which is pandemonium – the one constant keeping her sane was Navid. And after she found out that her best friend was sleeping with him, it just heightened that craziness in her mind. On top of that, she was losing her fame and being slandered in the news. It doesn’t make what she did right, but she was full of vengeance. This year, she’s definitely realized what she did was wrong. She literally hit rock bottom last year. Now she’s going to try her best to earn everyone’s forgiveness.

Insider: Silver doesn’t seem too forgiving though.
Jessica: It takes time – I know it won’t be quick and Silver can never forget, but they’ve been friends since childhood. In time, those walls will slowly come down the more Adrianna proves herself.

Insider: Do you feel like the onus is also on you to win the audience back in the same way that Adrianna has to win Silver back?
Jessica: Definitely. You just worded it perfectly. I have to win back the viewer’s trust. Every week on Twitter they keep saying, “I don’t know if I trust her yet.” Changing their minds motivates me. All the fans remember is when she’s mean but at the end of the day, Adrianna does have a heart, so now the challenge is not coming off conniving — seeming genuine has been the challenge. But I like playing a nicer version of her. My eyes certainly enjoy it. No more crying.


90210 episode 4×06 HD screencaps

90210 episode 4×06 – Benefit of the Doubt HD screencaps have been added to the gallery. Check them out!

90210 > Season 4 > Season 4: Screencaptures > 4×06 – Benefit of the Doubt

90210 Spoilers

Some more spoilers regarding Ade on 90210.

Question: Any 90210 scoop related to the looming Dixon/Adrianna romance? —Jess
Ausiello: Dixon’s love affair with Ritalin will pave the way for the two addictive personalities to hook up. “She’s gets it more than anyone because she’s been there before,” explains Jessica Lowndes. “That’s going to pull them closer together. Dixon was with Silver in Season 1 and she then started dating his best friend Navid, so I think he understood where Adrianna was coming from. He obviously didn’t swap out any bipolar medicine for sugar pills, but they can bond and connect over that emotion.”

Source: TVLine

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