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Written by Jess

2 Comments on “90210 episode 2×17 screencaps

  1. Hey. I’m curious: why don’t you post Jessica’s personal pictures? I’ve seen some and she’s always smiling and looking beautiful. Like shopping and stuff like that.
    That’s for the screencaptures, she looks amazing =)

  2. Hi Claire!

    I know, she’s always beautiful, even in candids and personal pics, but my choice is to not post them bacause I think some photos could make her unconfortable, she’s is a celebrity -btw, my favorite actress/singer ever- but she’s a person too and because I’m a fan I think she deserves to have her personal life (shopping, going somewhere etc.) out of the public view. At least on my part. :)

    Also, I know she’s always smiling, that should means she’s not unconfortable in some candids and personal pics, but I prefer to respect her in this sense. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m the first that loves to see her in all possible way, but I prefere to respect her this way. ;)

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