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This is the Problem with 90210

There is an article about 90210 from TV Fanatic, read below.

As 90210 inches closer to its second season finale, the show has a major problem on its hands. It’s an obstacle that has prevented it from being consistently suspenseful on a weekly basis:

Everyone is too nice.

Think about it: Who is the main antagonist on 90210? What are the major dilemmas?

The series airs on the same network that features other primetime soap operas such as Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. Those dramas focus on sexual liaisons, backstabbing friends, violent deaths and other pulsating cliff-hangers.

On 90210? Naomi lied about a sexual harassment case and Adrianna felt awkward about ditching her band. Sorry, but compared to the aforementioned shows, those situations are a G-rated snooze.

Read the full article at TV Fanatic

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