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Written by Jess

2 Comments on “90210: episode 2×20 screencaps

  1. I really hated it when Adrianna told Javier that there’s nobody special in her life. She made it sound like Navid means absolutely nothing to her, despite the fact that the song the she wrote was clearly about him Why are the writers placing Navid and Adrianna in yet another love triangle?

    Aside from that dreadful last scene, however, I loved all of Adrianna’s other ones. Jessica Lowndes had an amazing vocal performance, arguably her best one yet.

  2. I agree with you..i was so shocked when Ade said there is no special guy in her life…Maybe she’s mad of Navid because he’s with Lila?Or she is fascinated by Javier?I really hope Ade can be together with Navid..
    I also hope to hear more of Jessica Lowndes music.Next episode will have another of her song,i hope.

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