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Written by Jess

2 Comments on “90210 episode 2×21 screencaps

  1. As a Navid/Adrianna fan, this episode was painful for me to watch.

    Navid needs to tell Adrianna, face-to-face, that he still loves her. It’s obvious that Ade’s heart still belongs to Navid, so why is she even with Javier?

    Lastly, I’m really sick of hearing some people (on other websites) claim that Navid can’t compete with Javier. Navid paid for her rehab and stood by her while she was pregnant with somene else’s child. Also, he was basically the first guy that was nice to her and didn’t use her.

  2. I totally have to agree with Mark, Navid has been through everything with her, he wanted to marry her and would have raised the kid with ade.
    It really must have broken his heart to see them leaving together for NewYork .
    Of course Navid should tell her face-to-face, but we all know that it is easier said than done, plus as we saw in last nights episode he really tried hard and thought it out very well, but that obviously failed.
    But you have to take a look at adrianna´s personality, she´s very addicted to the drama, to the highs and the lows and even if their relationship os going well, adrianna will get to a point where shes not feeling comfortable anymore. But she has made progress and changed quite a lot, so i guess well just have to wait for next weeks episode, even if it is obvious what is going to happen.

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