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90210 “Javianna”: Most Scandalous Moments

There is an article at BuzzSugar about the last night 90210 episode, read it below!

In case you missed the memo, 90210 is now an unofficial ad for Jessica Lowndes’s music career. Alright, I’m kidding — but seriously, how many more cheesy pop songs must we have to suffer through? And now Javier’s crooning on a regular basis too? It’s all just a little too much.

Future pop stars aside, there’s still a fair amount of drama this week as we head into the big season finale. Annie gets a blast from her past, Dixon and Silver have an “uh-oh” moment, and why oh why hasn’t anyone kicked that kid Mark’s ass yet? If you’re ready to discuss (and if you saw the end, then you know you gotta), just read more.

Navid makes a play for Adrianna. Well, not at first. He’s not quite sure how to handle his feelings about seeing photos of “Javianna” plastered all over the Internet, so he responds the only way he knows how — by complimenting Adrianna on scoring a guy with “washboard abs.” With a little urging from his friends, Navid cooks up a master plan to win her back. He sweetly leaves a few romantic gifts in her room while she’s up on stage, but — surprise — Javier thwarts him yet again by whisking Adrianna off to exotic New York before she can see the romantic gestures. Side note: does anyone else think it’s weird that Ade’s first single is about “addiction” and “I haven’t been drinking”? I know it’s all a metaphor for love but still seems kinda weird for a recovering drug addict.

Read the full article at BuzzSugar.com

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