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New 90210 spoilers

Here’s a new spoiler from WWK about 90210, Ade and Navid.

Brynn in Anaheim, Calif.: What’s the situation when 90210 returns?
Adrianna and Navid are still happy as clams?well, kinda. After the budding superstar took off on her summer tour, Navid is having a tough time dealing with a long-distance relationship. Expect things to escalate a bit when school’s back in session and Ade’s not there.

Source: E!Online

Written by Jess

2 Comments on “New 90210 spoilers

  1. My opinion (and probably everyone else’s): ADRIANNA’S MAKING A STUPID DECISION.

    By going on tour, she’ll likely become a pop sensation…for a short while. It won’t be long before she has no career and no education. She’ll likely have pushed Navid away long before all of this happens. In light of these things, she’ll likely relapse with something even worse than cocaine. Heroin, perhaps?

    This spoiler has further confirmed my unfortunate suspicion that NAVID & ADRIANNA WON’T BE ENDGAME.

  2. I hope that Navid’s not the male character who comes out of the closet. Despite some of my negativity in these comments sections, I truly do hope that Navid and Adrianna will be endgame. If he’s gay, that’s not gonna happen.

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