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Birthday Project for Jessica

As the title says, I’ve thought about a birthday project for our Jessica this year. Her birthday will be on the next November 8th. I know maybe it’s too early to start it, but I’d love have all ready in time!

I’m thinking about collect virtual gifts from all her fans around and then send them to Jessica, to show her our support and our admiration and to try to make her 22nd birthday a bit more special!

Below there’s all you need to know to join this project!

How can I join the project?
It’s very simple: you have to send me your virtual gift for Jessica. It could be a graphic work made by you, a drawing or just a simple text message with your wishes for her 22nd birthday.

When is the deadline to send gifts?
You can send in your wishes until October 31st 2010, so I’ll have the time to review the gifts and then forward them to Jessica.

What kind of works can I send in?
Your gift can be a drawing, a graphic work and or a text message handwritten or written with your computer.

How can I send my gift?
You can send in your gift using our contact form, filling the “subject” box with “Jessica Birthday Project”. If your work is a drawing or a graphic work, you have to upload it somewhere and then send us the link to download it. For a drawing or a graphic work you can upload it on one free image hosting service (eg. photobucket or imageshack) and then send us the link. For a text message, just type it in the comment box of our contact form.

Will you send in all messages/wishes you’ll receive?
Yes, sure, unless they’re are offensive or against our guidelines! I’ll forward them to Jessica through her twitter account! We will also put all the works we’ll receive on the site after her birthday!

Now, this is all you need to know and you can send us your gift as mentioned above!

For any question, doubt or anything related to this project, feel free to contact me through the contact form or at info@[REMOVETHIS]jessicalowndes.net!

Written by Jess