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Happy Birthday 23rd Jessica!!!

Hi Jessica! Your fans at Jessica Lowndes Network want to wish you an Happy 23rd Birthday!

We hope you’ll have a wonderful day and we wish you all the best life can offer to a gorgeous and so talented actress and singer like you!


Read Birthday wishes below, from your fans, with so much love! :)

Written by Jess

16 Comments on “Happy Birthday 23rd Jessica!!!

  1. Dear Jessica !

    Happy 23rd Birthday !! One wish is not enough for you because you’re a so amazing person. I admire you so much !
    I wish your dreams come true and I wish you a lot of sucess for your life and your career, as singer and as actress.
    You deserve the best and I hope you’ll have a wonderful day with your family & your friends !

    Lot of love from France

    Your huge fan Faby.

    ( @JLowndesFrfan on Twitter )

  2. Dear Jessica,
    Happy Birthday and all the best to you! You are a multitalented rolemodel and I admire you! You’re beautiful, you can sing, you’re a good actress YOU ARE AMAZING! I hope that you bring out an album and that you will be seen in a lot of movies and series. All the best for you, your family and your career.

  3. Jessica, I hope you have a fabulous birthday!! :) I think that you are amazing, and very very talented <3 You are my idol :)

    Happy 23rd Birthday darling :)

    Love Rachael (@rach_gosney95) (@tvaddict1995) xoxoxoxo

  4. I’m from Brazil, I think you very beautiful, her smile, her eyes are perfect, I think about you all day, congratulations for your work you’re a good actress, happy Birthday and much peace, health and joy and that you’re still that person good you are;) I love you very much.

  5. Happy early birthday, sweetheart! You’re an amazing actress and singer! Love you on 90210! Have an awesome day, love. you deserve the absolute best that life has to offer, you gorgeous, talented girl! Love you to death! xoxoxo

  6. Happy 23rd Birthday Jessica

    We are all gathered here today as one to say
    Happy Birthday! We are very proud of who you are today,
    You work hard constantly to achieve success,
    You are an inspiration to people worldwide,

    You treat everyone as your equal,
    You teach us to never give up our goals,
    To always reach for our dreams,
    Thank You for always putting a smile on our face,

    You are as precious flower like a tender rose,
    The twinkle of your green eyes is brighter than any star,
    We have watched this beautiful transformation of a girl become a lovely woman,
    In love and in faith, in beauty and in grace,
    You bring us constant joy and pure delight,

    Your stunning smile melts our hearts away,
    We wish you a life’s journey of peace in health, of happiness and of love,
    We wish more continued success in your acting and music career and life in general,
    Our love and support for you is endless,

    And as you blow the candles off your red velvet cake, take a look around you,
    Your family, your friends, your fans and even Leroy are all gathered here today as one to say…
    Happy 23rd Birthday Jessica!
    We love you and we are very proud of you every single day.

    From: John Ray Rivers

    @rayrivers on Twitter

  7. Happy 23rd Birthday Jessica!

    This time last year we told you that 2011 would be even bigger for you than 2010, and that you would have endless success! Well here we are, and you are still the best character on a highly popular television show, appeared in magazine shoots on both sides of the Atlantic, recorded even more music and had your song featured in the show! And we will continue to support you in 2012! :)

    So happy birthday! I hope your day is fabulous, celebrating with your friends and family, and most importantly filled with cupcakes! Keep being you and you will be even more successful in the years to come. Can’t wait for you to be back in the UK!

    Love, Kerry (herewegoagain91) xo

  8. Happy Birthday, Jess.
    I hope you have a nice day and that you can celebrate with all people you like to be with.
    Hopefully all your wishes come true. I wish just the best for you.

    I’ve got to leave a little compliment here, too.
    You are amazing – your hair, your eyes, your lips, your body – everything about you seems just perfekt.
    And then there is this cute laugh, this amazing voice and this great acting talent.
    I’m just so glad there’s someone in the world like you.

    I love you

    (Sorry for my english – I’m from Germany)

  9. Happy 23rd Birthday Jessica !! I wish you happy bday & the best of luck for your life & career. You’re a great actress, a gorgeous singer, multitalented & an amazing person/humble.

    I love you very much !! I’ll hope you’ll have a wonderful day of Happiness !!

    I hope you’ll get everything what you want. I’m sorry for what I did before. I know it was wronged but I’ve changed.

    I’ll always & always support you, whatever you’re doing ALWAYS GONNA BE THERE FOR YOU. Always !!

    Again. I wish you Happy Birthday & best of luck. Hope you having a good times.

    Lots of Love,
    Prince Lowndes @JLowndesForever x0x0 . .

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jessica!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day :)
    I watch 90210 every week here in Japan. (Season 3 is almost coming!)
    I really like your looks and your song. You have a amazing voice.
    Last month I had a bad problem about my love but on that time I listen your songs on youtube. All your songs were cheer me up! I REALLY looking forward to release your CD.
    Enjoy your 23rd birthday :D


    Akiha from Japan
    (Sorry I’m not good at English)

  11. Hi Jessica and I wish you a “Happy 23rd Birthday”!!!

    My wish is to get to meet you for the first time.

    -Dawan Ameer Johnson
    Los Angeles, California
    (Dawanjohnson) @ twitter.

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