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Reminder: this is not Jessica Lowndes’ Official

Hi all! This is not a news, but just an information. I want to make it clear, once again, that I AM NOT Jessica Lowndes and that this site is just an unofficial online resource and tribute dedicated to Jessica.

I’m receiving tons of emails and comments lately, with people asking for autographs, telling how much they love Jessica and stuff like this. I really love to see how much you like and support Jessica, I didn’t receive anything bad since I’m online with this site and I’m so happy to see that people love Jessica, but this site is not run by Jessica, nor endorsed by her or affiliated with her management. When you write something directed to Jessica Lowndes using my site, I’m the one who reads it. Not Jessica Lowndes. I can’t forward your messages to her.

I wanted to tell you this once again, because even if it’s pretty clear and stated on the site, people keep thinking that I’m Jessica Lowndes and that this is her official site. Well, my name is Jessica as well, and I’m proud to share the same name with “our” Jessica, but the site is just unofficial.

I hope you understand why I’m posting about this. I don’t want people to think that they’re sending messages to Jessica Lowndes or visiting her official site when that’s not what they’re doing.

Thank you!

Written by Jess

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