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Celebrating 1 Year Online!

Back in March 2010 I started this project and after a lot of work, dedication and practically all my energies and so many nights without sleeping, Jessica Lowndes Network was born! My love and my admiration for this beautiful and amazingly talented young woman gave me the motivation and the will to work on the site, updating it and trying to make it better day by day, supporting Jessica and providing all her fans around the world with information, pictures and all I can offer about her.

Now, a year later, I’m here celebrating our first anniversary and I couldn’t tell how I’m happy! I’m so proud of this site and I feel it like my baby, so this is a great day for me!

I want to thank Jessica, for being that amazing: she makes me happy every time I see her at an event or when I watch a movie or  tv series episode with her, when I read or watch an interview or just when I think about her and I always tell myself “she’s gorgeous and I can’t tell how much I admire and love her”!

I want to thank my gorgeous host, The Fan Sites Network, for giving me the chance to run a site for Jessica: I couldn’t be here writing this post without my host, so thank you from the bottom of my heart Gertie for make me realize all this, sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming, this is a dream that comes true for me, so thanks again!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all my visitors: you guys make me so happy when you leave a comment, retweet my updates or just stop here and visit the site. Fans are the heart of a fan site and all this support and admiration you show to Jessica is the best thing I could ask and I have the best visitors a site owner could have, so THANKS!

Happy First Anniversary to Jessica Lowndes Network, the past year was wonderful and I’m pretty sure we’ll have another great one! Happy birthday Jessica Lowndes Network!!!