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New design for main site and gallery

As you can see, we have a brand new design for both main site and gallery! I thought it was time to change layouts, but unluckily I don’t have the time to work on new designs myself, so I decided to use those two stunning designs instead!

I will make my own as usual, as soon as I have some spare time, but for now I hope you like both! :)

New Layout: Version 8

As you can see, we finally have a brand new layout online to celebrate our upcoming anniversary for Jessica Lowndes Network’s first year online. As I said some days ago, I wanted to have new layouts up for both gallery and main site, so now it’s time for this layout to come online! If you see something wrong press F5 a couple of times, enjoy this new version and leave a comment if you want to tell me if you like it!

New layout online!

In these last weeks Jessica is focused on her music career. She performed at the “Summer Soiree” event the last June 5th and she’s twitting about singing and she added lots of songs to her myspace, so I’ve decided to make a new layout for the site to support her this way too. I’ve chosen some pics from the Summer Soiree, while she’s singing to put the spotlight on her music career too, because she’s so talented and she really deserves all possible support!

So, I hope you like this new version and if you see something wrong with it, just press F5 a couple of times and all should get fixed! Enjoy!