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Site Moved

Our previous host announced this month that they were closing down. Thank you to Fansites Network for being a great host for many years!
We are now at jessica-lowndes.org and would like to thank our new host, Free Fansite Hosting.

I apologize for missing some of Jessica’s projects. I am working on getting the site up to date ASAP.

Thank you Jessica!

Jessica posted this wonderful message on her twitter today and I’d love to spend two words about this.

The greatest thing is being able to interact with fans and touch people’s lives. I am truly thankful. I appreciate all of your support! xox

She’s my favorite actress, and I admire her as person since the first time I’ve seen her on screen. Now, she’s proving she’s an amazing person, as I’ve always thought.

Thank you very much Jessica, from me and from all your fans in the world. We love you, you’re so talended as actress as well as singer, you have an amazing voice and you’re simply gorgeous writing thing like this to your fans. We all think you’re a great person in your career and in life in general. So thank you very much Jessica, for everything!

We’re truly thankful, Jessica! :)