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Jessica pronounces her last name “Lounds” (rhymes with grounds).

Jessica recorded her first demo CD in 2006 with hopes of signing with Icon Records or Red Girl records, however, she was not signed. Talks also took place with Epic Records.

Jessica is a Christian.

Jessica’s character on 90210, Adrianna, has been compared to the character of Brenda from the original Beverly Hills, 90210, though Jessica has stated that she does not see much similarity beyond hairstyle.

Jessica admits to having a huge sweet tooth. She loves all kinds of cobbler from apple to blackberry.

Jessica is a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor and the Jonas Brothers. She uses Miley Cyrus as her ringtone.

Jessica began dating 90210 co-star Adam Gregory in September of 2008.

Jessica originally signed on as a guest star on 90210, but they kept writing for her and she soon became a star on the show. She first appeared in the opening credits of episode fourteen, By Accident.

Jessica is a runner, and she also does Bikram yoga in the heat, which she says feels amazing afterward.

Jessica has a younger sister.

Jessica came in at #7 on Zap2It’s List of TV’s Underrated Stars of 2008.

She goes by the nickname Jessie.

Jessica is 5’4″.

According to her 90210 co-star, Jessica Stroup, she cannot dance.

Jessica has starred in the scary movies The Haunting Of Molly Hartley and Autopsy

Jessica has been singing her whole life and acting for the last five years.

Jessica cut her hair drastically for her role as Adrianna on 90210. Once her hair was finished, she told the stylist she did not mind, as it made her look like Cleopatra.

Jessica has recorded the songs Fly Away, Goodbye, Break, Never Lonely, and Mama Who Bore Me. She wrote the first four with her best friend after a nasty break-up. Her song Goodbye was featured in episode 12 of Moonlight and she sang a rendition of Fly Away during a scene of 90210 in episode two.

To prepare herself for her role as Adrianna on 90210, Jessica interviewed real drug addicts so she wouldn’t make a mockery of it, because she has never had any experience with drugs. She also watched a bunch of documentaries and films about drugs. She learned about little things addicts would do when they were high, such as finger tapping, and made sure to incorporate them into her performance.

Jessica says that she would love to do musical theatre one day.

She went to school at a private school called Pacific Academy in Surrey, British Columbia.